SuperGeek Free Document OCR Advantages

Some free OCR tools Paid OCR tools SuperGeek Free Document OCR
Some so-called free OCR tools may cost nothing, but provide you poor quality and awful experience. So, money is not the only thing to consider. Professional, or let's say, too professional for preliminary users to learn. Confusing terms, parameters, graphics... Also, it takes some bucks & some time to purchase online. You need $0 to use our image to text converter without limitation. Download here to enjoy the fast & easy image to text conversion.

OCR Tools Comparison Table

Some free OCR tools Paid OCR tools Our free OCR software
Free yes no yes
Safe no yes yes
Easy interface yes no yes
Convert image to MS Word no yes yes
Scan to text no yes yes
High OCR accuracy no yes yes
Image selection no yes yes
Rotate image no yes yes
Zoom image no yes yes
Document tools no yes yes
High quality no yes yes
High processing speed no yes yes
Many formats supported no yes yes
Wizard mode no no yes
Full functions no yes yes
Online help no yes yes
User manual no yes yes
No watermark for output PDF file no yes yes
No notice about software version info no yes yes
No limitation no yes yes
No registration no no yes
Windows OS/support - Windows 2000 XP Vista (32/64 bit) Win7 no yes yes