Free OCR Book Conversion

With the ever-increasing popularity of e-readers, more and more literature is following the physical book to e-book trend. Don't be left behind!

Curious how we turn your physical printed book into an eBook if you don't have any digital files? Here's what we do:

1. Prepare to scan. To convert your physical book to e-book formats, we must get your book ready to be scanned. The simplest way to do this is to cut off your book's binding, leaving the pages loose. We trim the pages and scan them individually into a document scanner.

2. Scan your book to a digital format. We scan your pages at 300 DPI (at minimum) to create high quality PDF pages from your scanned images. After your images are scanned, they may need a little editing. We crop, rotate, adjust brightness, and de-skew your images as needed.

3. Use OCR. The third step of physical book to e-book conversion involves Optical Character Recognition, or OCR. OCR is a way to translate the scanned images from your physical book into printed text in your e-book (You may DOWNLOAD our SuperGeek Free Document OCR to directly scan the books into the program). This then allows you to search for words or phrases and edit text within your e-book. It also compacts your book files, saving a lot of memory space as we go from physical book to e-book. We scan each title with multiple OCR software's and manually check any discrepancies to ensure accuracy. While OCR is very effective in the book to e-book translations, errors can occur. This is why we have our quality assurance team proofread your digital pages after applying OCR to make sure we don't miss anything.

4. Enjoy your read. When we deliver your new eBook files your book will be ready to read on nearly every e-reader and digital book reading device.